Ossi Consultancy was founded in 2023 by Bayar Cheikhmous, a visionary with profound passion for Football, Data Science, and Marketing. Since entering the sports industry in 2020, Bayar has harnessed his comprehensive education to make significant strides in sports consultancy. An Honours BA double major graduate from York University, Toronto, Canada, he completed a Master of Science in Data Science from the University of Stirling, Scotland, furthering his expertise. In 2023, Bayar’s resilience, vision, and expertise culminated in the establishment of Ossi Consultancy. 

At Ossi Consultancy we are guided by a set of core values:



Data-driven Decision Making

Client-first Approach

Integrity and Trust

Our unique selling proposition lies in our holistic approach to sports consultancy. We combine technical proficiency in data science with extensive industry knowledge and experience, allowing us to create personalized marketing strategies and branding opportunities that enhance fan engagement and build strong athlete brands, issuing reports for tactical and strategic intelligence to optimize on-field performance and roster management. This comprehensive approach allows us to deliver solutions that encapsulate all our clients' needs and objectives.

Our mission is to revolutionize the sports consultancy landscape by providing data-driven, client-centric solutions that optimize performance, build personal brands, and drive fan engagement. We seek to empower our clients through a blend of innovative strategies, industry insights, and personalized service.

Our vision is to become a global leader in sports consultancy, setting new industry standards through our innovative, comprehensive services, and our dedication to the personal and professional growth of our clients. We aspire to contribute to the holistic development of the sports industry, using our influence to inspire and enact positive change.